1. a. Available Land Area in square meter : 3344.51 Square meter
  2. b. The available Land is on : Ownership basis
  3. c. Build up area in Square meters : 4167.74 Sqms
  4. d. Fire safety equipment has been installed as per Building Bye Laws : Yes
  5. e. Facility available for differently able person : Yes
  6. f. Hostel facilities : There is no Hostel facilities available in the campus. Rented accommodation can be arranged out site the campus.
  7. g. Information regarding the available infrastructure are provided in the following table
  8. # Infrastructure Whether Available Size in Sq. ft.
    i)   Classroom 1 YES 688
    ii)  Classroom 2 YES 688
    iii) Classroom 3 YES 688
    iv) Classroom 4 YES 688
    v) Classroom 5 YES 688
    vi) Classroom 6 YES 688
    vii) Classroom 7 YES 1444
    viii) Classroom 8 YES 1147
    b. Multipurpose Hall YES 5426
    c. Library-cum-resource Centre YES 2098
    d. ICT Resource Centre YES 1723
    e. Curriculum Laboratory YES 500
    f. Arts and Work Experience/Resource Center YES 500
    g. Health and Physical Education Room YES 1617
    h. Multipurpose Play Field YES 112000

    # Infrastructure Whether Available
    a. Principal's Office YES
    b. Staff Room YES
    c. Administrative Office YES
    d. Visitors Room YES
    e. Separate common rooms for male and female students YES
    f. Seminar Room YES
    g. Canteen YES
    h. Separate toilet facility for male and female students YES
    i. Separate toilet facility for  staff YES
    j. Separate toilet facility for differently abled persons YES
    k. Parking Space YES
    l. Open Space for Additional Accommodation YES
    m. Store Room YES
    n. Medical Facility YES
    o. Provision for Safe Drinking Water Facilities YES