Name and Address of the Institution :             COLLEGE OF EDUCATION MORIGAON

                                                                           DIST. MORIGAON            STATE : ASSAM (INDIA)

                                                                           Email.        Mobile No. 09435194607

Year of establishment :                                     1994

Teacher Education Programme(s) offered in the institution :   

    Sl. No.                              Programme               Number and Year of NCTE Recognition                                                                                          Sanction Intake

      1                                        B Ed                     No. APE00585    Date : 15/12/2006                                                                                                        100

      2.                                       D. El. Ed              F. No. ER-249.6.11(Part-1)/ID No. 10860/D.El.Ed.)/ 2018/ 55963  Date : 12/02/2018                            100

Details of Affiliation :

    Sl. No.                          Programme                               Name of the Affiliation Body                               Number and Year of Affiliation                 

    1.                                     B. Ed                                    Gauhati University                                            No. R/EC-04/2014/35(18) DATED 27/05/14,

                                                                                                                                                                E.C Res. No. R/EC-07/2015/100(B)(22) Dated 12.12.15  and 18.12.2015.


                            Status of Affiliation :   Temporary,      Valid up to 2014-2015, Renewal for sessions  2016-17 is under Process           

    2.                                     D. El. Ed.                              SCERT                                                            Applied for



Type of Management :                                    Self-financing Institution

The Institution is managed by :                       Registered Society

Status of the Institution :                                 Independent Institution offering only Teacher Education Programme (s)

Institution meant for :                                      Co-Educational

Accessibility :                                                   


College of Education Morigaon was established in 1994 in the heart of Morigaon Town. It was established  after declaration of Morigaon as a District in 1991. Economically and Educationally.  Morigaon is  one of the backward districts  in Assam. In such a situation some of the conscious senior citizens of Morigaon took the challenges of establishment of a teacher training institution by the name of "College of Education Morigaon".           

                  B ed Colleges are under the control of three authorities. They are NCTE, University and SCERT. Since its inception, the college has been striving to compliance with the Norms and standards of NCTE for sustaining the recognition of the college. In spite of many obstacles the college is boast of full filling all the Norms of NCTE without any economic support of the government.


The College of Education Morigaon will be an outstanding teacher training institution in Assam. It will give more importance in conducting research and Guidance for the improvement of teaching learning process.

It will prepare professionals who will provide leadership and exemplary educational services to the individual and society.


The mission of the college is to prepare outstanding educators and scholars. Further it will provide training on guidance, services to teacher education. Enhance the commitment of the society, staff and students to the centrality of diversity, social justice and democrative citizenship.         


Provides Guidance in the management of teaching learning process to one English Medium School. Started and running one Senior Secondary School in a rented building.


 i) The college obtained Govt. concurrence.

 ii) Working on re-use of waste products specially re-use of  Plastic Bottles.